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Are you looking to expand or diversify your tourism service offer? Do you want to enhance your company profile’s visibility? Get professional advice from – your Recreational Tourism one-stop-shop for tourism products and services development, sales and marketing, event planning, coaching and on-location training... kontakk me!


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• Sales and Marketing

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Tourism Products and Services Development

Is your company facing slow seasons? Are you looking to expand and diversify your service offer?

Kontakk can help you dream-up and implement innovative products and services such as inventive packages, thematic adventures and activities, or enhanced visitor experiences in order to improve your products, services and market share.

Kontakk can analyze your tourism offer and positioning and provide you with a blueprint for profitable and sustainable improvements to your products and services offer.


Sales and Marketing

What is your marketing plan? How do you know which marketing approach will yield the best results?

Continually looking to get out ahead of new developments and trends shaping the tourism industry, kontakk will help you develop and implement personalized strategies to improve your company’s overall profile and enhance your social media activities impact. Targeted strategies will boost communications with current and potential clients, while helping you establish stronger ties with your target audience.


Through close collaboration, kontakk will help you identify efficient means to secure the loyalty of your clients and attract new ones. You will also benefit from kontakk’s ability to generate creative ideas and create mutually beneficial partnerships with other tourism industry players.




Event Planning:



You are planning a special corporate or family event? You have to organize a conference or a season launch? You want to spice up your next event?

From location selection and set-up to negotiations with suppliers and guest lists management, you can put your trust in konta
kk’s expert hands to deliver meticulous planning, logistics, and orchestration of all details leading to a successful event.




Coaching and On-Location Training:



You want to boost your employees’ performance?

Newly graduated from the Disney Institute, Mylène Deneault is a seasoned coach and teacher with years of experience gained at Collège Mérici and la Cité Collégiale. Thanks to Mylène’s expertise, konta
kk can provide advanced client service, marketing and sales training and coaching. Kontakk’s interactive workshops provide efficient, inspiring, and applied training that builds on employees’ experience, knowledge and enthusiasm.

Mylène Deneault is also a Certified Tourism Trainer and holds a professional Front Desk Agent certification from the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council.




Other services:



Kontakk can represent your company at local, regional, provincial, national or international trade shows such as Bienvenue Québec, Rendez-Vous Canada and other exhibitions and fairs.

kk specializes in the professional preparation of application packages for Les Grands Prix du tourisme québécois and the Canadian Tourism Awards presented by TIAC, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada.







The professional application package: an excellent return on investment



In 2013, kontakk saw three of its clients sweep regional awards at Les Grands Prix du tourisme québécois and two provincial awards... granting the laureates unrivaled exposure the whole tourism industry and a prestigious opportunity to showcase their product for the whole world to see. Put the odds on your side with a professional application package prepared by kontakk!

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